2nd Transnational project meeting – Referendum in Catalonia

The Second Transnational Meeting was held between May 17 and May 20, 2019.

The representatives of IDEE IN MOVIMENTO and Cycle for Thought arrived in Malaga on May 17, 2019. and departed on May 20, 2019.

During the meeting, the organization and provision of the second seminar on "The Referendum in Catalonia" (S2) was discussed.

Surveys of participants in the Fake News (S1) seminar were analyzed, which showed a high level of satisfaction.

The participants had committed themselves to spreading their knowledge in their communities.

Thereafter, all the organizational activities for securing the second seminar on the 'Referendum in Catalonia' (C2) were discussed.

Selection criteria for participants and lecturers were outlined.

The proposals for the creation of a project logo were discussed.

A work plan including future activities by the end of calendar year 2019 has been prepared, as well as a plan for developing a communication strategy for disseminating project activities.

The results of the meeting are in line with our ideas and goals.

Strong links have been established between our partner organizations, and besides our good ones cooperation, we started to develop activities outside the project.

Indeed, this was also one of our goals - to strengthen the relations between the organizers as well as to help create an active community of non-governmental organizations that aim to challenge populist trends and develop an European cooperation in the field of civic education and volunteering activity.