1st Transnational project meeting – Fake news and how to fight them

The first Transnational Meeting was held between 31.08.2018-01.09.2018.

The representatives of ASOCIACION PROJUVEN arrived in Sofia on 30.08.2018 and departed on 01/09/2018.

Representatives of Idee In Movimento arrived in Sofia on 08/31/2018 and departed on 02/09/2018.

The subject of the meeting was the introduction of internal rules, signing a contract for the rights and obligations of organizations, outlining the basic principles of work and approval of a schedule for the future seminars and meetings. The results of the meeting are in line with our ideas and goals.

Strong links have been established between our partner organizations, as well as our good ones cooperation we started to develop activities outside the project.

Exactly was also one of the tasks - to strengthen the links between the organizers of the European level to help create an active community of non-governmental organizations organizations that aim to counter populist trends and develop one European cooperation in the field of civic education and volunteering activity.