The "PopulismMustNotTriumph" project aims generally to increase political and civil awareness of young people and respectively improve their personal competencies.

Based on the European values of developing unity in Europe, a total of six international seminars will be held throughout the project and their main focus will be on eliminating lack of awareness among young people about populist tendencies in Bulgaria and the European community.

During the course of the seminars, participants will have the opportunity to exchange good practices on increasing their political and civil culture.

The results in the form of videos and lectures, event analysis, publications and experts' opinions will be published in an accessible and understandable way on a special online platform.

This will be of key importance so that as many young people as possible have access to information and thus help them develop themselves as a part of an active civil community.

International partners "Idee in Movimento" and "PROJUVEN" were carefully selected based on their capability to organize educational events focused on exchanging good practices.

Both partners have organized and participated in various youth projects and initiatives aiming to improve awareness and educate young people.

Furthermore, both organizations acknowledge the seriousness of the issue the project aims to resolve and agree to fully engage as partners.

Seminars will involve students and young people with different professional qualifications. The target group of the project are young people between the age of 18 and 29. Participants will be selected in advance and their achievements as well as their personal qualities will be thoroughly assessed.

The selection itself will be in two stages: all candidates will first be selected based on their CV and previous experience in participating in youth projects and then they will have to attend an interview. The project will work on informing participants about populist tendencies in an accessible and understandable way through providing them with with thorough analysis of significant political events as well as proposing solutions to current challenges the EU deals with.

During the first part of the seminars experts in the field will present an academic overview of the topic. The second part will be dedicated to informal education and activities. Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their critical thinking by taking part in various interactive training sessions. They will be divided into teams and will have to defend their thesis in a debate.

The uncontrollably spreading populist tendencies lead to destruction of statehood and interfere with building a long-term plan of political progress.

Developing active civil self-awareness among participants in the seminars will establish a well-informed youth community able to attract supporters and benefit the civil community.