Project - information campaign for the Erasmus+ program among students

The lack of information among students about the content and the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program for the purposes of training and practice. Reasons that lead to this ignorance among students:

  • missing a local ESN at Sofia university
  • lack of proper communication between the international department of the university and the students; lack of communication between the international department and the student organizations; lack of information campaigns organized by the international promotion department of the Erasmus+ program

Actions taken:

Organizing a team of former students of Erasmus+ Mobility, acting at university level under the name ESN Sofia university clarifying the strategy for future joint actions on informing students - organizing a meeting between the international department, ESN Sofia university and the student council of Sofia University signing an agreement on future conscientious acts prepared strategy.


  • organizing multiple information campaigns together with the international department, ESN Sofia university; ESN Sofia university and Sofia University Student Council
  • creating a facebook group where the international department can publish official information on the potential of Erasmus+
  • officially announced annual Erasmus + application timetable
  • official meetings throughout the year between the International Department, ESN Sofia university and the Student Council of Sofia University aiming to inform students about Erasmus+
  • 25% increase of student mobility and 20% increase in student mobility

Project – First Seminar “Fake news and how to fight them”, part of the project “#POPULISMMUSTNOTTRIUMPH”

The subject of the project is to increase the academic knowledge of young people in the realm of political reality. It is they who will play a decisive role in the indissolubility of the democratic European values, which are the basis for peace, prosperity and civilization.

Вe are witnessing increasing rise of populist movements that threaten democracy in Europe. Populists offer quick and easy solutions to complicated issues but can not actually implement them. The EU still has double standards that we need to fight for because they are discriminatory but also beneficial to the development of populism. The EU shares common values, but populism draws dividing lines. Given the forthcoming European elections, this is a problem that will surely grow.

Fake news in the context of growing nationalist, separatist and populist moods ruin the credibility of European countries. The phenomenon of fake news includes fake or reputational attacks on party, political, or commercial purposes, including politically motivated misinformation and material intended primarily to sow dissent, hatred or prejudice and / or to cause willful harm to society.

Actions taken:

  • The seminar brought together young people from Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. They shared information about the fake news, political situation in Europe, education, development of the society and their hopes for the future.
  • The seminar was focused on building critical thinking among participants, developing competences to make informed decisions, interpreting global issues, and the ability to work with different sources of information.

Our partners are Asociación Projuven and Idee In Movimento.