The Student City has fallen in darkness.

The Student City has fallen in darkness. This is certainly obvious for anyone who has bothered to go there in the evening. Still, in order not to be gossamer, we did our own research, in which volunteers found that 48.7 percent of street lighting in Student City was not working. Another 45.2 percent of lighting fixtures were ineffective. This undoubtedly makes life and residence in the neighborhood precarious and uncomfortable. Over the past 3 years, more than 10 cases of violence and criminal activity have been recorded in the Dark Areas. And these are just the registered ...

Having identified the problem and made a survey, we provided the results to Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Members surveyed 1500 students and collected 5000 signatures. As a result of our actions the park in Student's town and 3 of the main streets were illuminated. We organized several public meetings with the mayor of sofia municipality mrs Yordanka Fandakova. This has led to much greater security in using the park at night and the presence of students, families even when it is dark is already a fact.

We are determined to continue our efforts until the results are visible and Studentski grad becomes the safe and welcoming place for life that Bulgarian students deserve .