Cycle for thought

„Кръг за Мисъл“/“Cycle for thought” is a non-governmental organization, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The youth NGO is working on projects of non-formal education as well as active citizenship. The organization works for social equality and raising the level of awareness among the young. Members of the organization try to present to the young people alternatives to fill their free time, to bring new alternatives for them, to create favorable conditions for young people to improve and grow through creating, thinking and debating. Our actions support individuals' personal development in relation to local sustainable development.

The aim of the organization is to enlighten young people from Europe about the worldwide political situation and how it affects the society and at the same time increase the younger generation’s political awareness.

We believe that the absence of the aforementioned is a vital factor for the lack of a civil society, which should act as a political corrective in every country. Moreover, „Кръг за Мисъл“/“Cycle for thought” disseminates the value of the human rights and pursues the initiative of responsible and sustainable development.

The organisation creates a community of young, erudite people, conscious of civil rights, willing to decrease indifference among youngsters by increasing the society awareness of the current political situation concerning individual countries, Europa and the world. Our aim is to help young people to discover their potential and prepare them in order to gain knowledge about political situation, human rights and environment and become a crucial part of civil society. We advise them about how to be active citizens, to respect cultural diversity and human rights.

The organization is active in taking part in international Erazmus+ projects, as well as initiating local events, emphasizing on tolerance, justice, social inclusion, human rights, environment and other topics, which are interesting for the youth.

Working together
The main activities that the organization conducts include:
  • Organizing training seminars
  • Educating young people towards an active European citizenship
  • Support local organizations, working to improve civil society
  • Promote different topics related to human rights among the young
  • Motivate young people in order to improve their personal development through non-formal education and informal learning.
What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?

We believe in the idea that each of us has the opportunity to be involved in the society in a prosperous way, and foster social cohesion through personal development. Furthermore, we motivate young people and adults to involve in learning activities, support people with special needs in gaining access to education and integrate better in the society, and help them to gain knowledge, help the community and obtain new skills. Our organization gather professionals and volunteers with different backgrounds and experience. A managing team is in charge of the management, monitoring and implementation of projects, as well as of mentorship. We are providing and creating opportunities for conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings for young people.

We participate actively in KA2 actions. The organization is currently coordinating a project, focused on educating youth on populism. The project aims generally to increase political and civil awareness of young people and respectively to improve their personal competancies.

The organization works actively with the National Representation of Student Councils /NRSC/ – the biggest student organization in Bulgaria, representing more than 200,000 students. The NRSC is a member of the European Student Union (ESU). One of its main priorities is to establish and maintain an active dialogue with state institutions responsible for high education policies in the country. The President of „Кръг за Мисъл“/“Cycle for thought” is the official Bulgarian delegate in the European Student Union.

Together with NRSC we organized training seminars related to human rights. The seminars were specially addressed to students studying political science, sociology and international relations.

Another initiative on which members of our team have worked with NRSC, concerned urban environment in Sofia. We organized a public discussion with the authorities. The topic was “The lack of street lights in the city and sustainable improvement of the urban environment”. During the activities we had the chance to conduct a structural dialogue with the mayor of Sofia. Using lobbying and advocacy towards sustainability our efforts were rewarded and the street lighting was improved.

Our organization is working closely with both with Student Council and Sofia University. All the members of the managing board were part of the Student Council of Sofia University. Our organization is supported by the university administrative body and most of our activities are held in the university building. Also, we are parters with some of the clubs of interest in the University such as a Political scientist's club, ESN and others.